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Английские адмиралтейские карты и книги, издания ITU, IMO

1Brown "Vick" Semaphore Cards
2Brown's Nautical Almanac - 2006
3Bridge Procedure Guide
4Bridge Team Management
5Bulk Carrier Practice
6Black Sea Cruising Guide
7The Book of Mediterranean Cruising
8Cruise Ukraine
9Carriage of Goods by Sea
10Draught Surveing: A Manual for Marine Surveyors
11Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse
12Everything Sold in Marine Supply Stores
13Effective Writing for the Marine Industry
14Early Language of Business English
15Fairplay Book of International Organisations
16FairplayPorts Guide 2003 - 2004 (with CD)
17Fire Service Manual
18Guide to Helicopter/Ship Operations
19A Guide to Ship Repair Estimate
20Guidel.for Surveyors Conducting Pre-Shipment Insp.of Steel Car.
21Guidelines for Surveyors Conducting On-Hire Vessel Survey
22Guidelines for Surveyors Conducting Pre-Purchase Vessel Survey
23Guide to Port Entry 2003 - 2004
24Greek Waters Pilot
26International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers & Terminals [ISGOTT]
27ISSA Catalogue
28Inspection, Repair and Maintenance of Ships Structures
29ISSA Provisions and Bonded Stores Catalogue
30International Medical Guide for Ships
31International Health Regulations
32International Travel/Health Vaccination Guide
33IMLP - International Maritime Language Programme
34Liferaft Survival Manual
35Lifeboat Survival Manual
36Lloyd's Maritime Atlas - 20th Edition
37Lloyd's Survey Handbook
38Limitation of Liability
39Lashing and Securing of Deck Cargoes
40Marine Pilot Safety
41Mooring Equipment Guidelines
42Mariner's Guide to Marine Communications
43Marine Equipment Buyer's Guide
44Marine Auxilary Mashinery
45The Mariner's Role in Collecting Evidence
46The Mariner's Guide to Marine Insurance
47Navpack Compact Data 2001 - 2005
48Oxford Russian Dictionary
49On Command
50The Properties and Stowage of Cargoes
51Practical Ship Handling
52Pounders Marine Diesel Engines
53Pocket Oxford Russian Dictionary
54Port Agency
55Pilotage and Shiphandling
56Ports & Terminals Guide 2003 - 2004
57Peril at Sea and Salvage - A Guide for Masters
58Pirates and Armed Robbers. A Master's Guide
59Reed's Maritime Flags
60Reed's Log Book for Yachts
61Radar Observer's Handbook
62Ship Constractions: Sketches
63Ship Stability for Masters and Mates
64Standard Form Contracts for the Carriage of Goods
65Steel Carriage By Sea
66Sale and Purchase
67Sell Up & Sail
68Ship Captain's Medical Guide
69The Ships Atlas
70Ship to Ship Transfer Guide (Petroleum)
71Shipmaster's Business Companion
72Shipbroking and Chartering Practice - 5th Edition
73The Complete Yachtmaster
74The Straits Sailing. Handbook 2002
75Tug Use in Port
76Tanker Handbook for Deck Officers
77Technical Sketching
78The Shiphandler Guide
79Using GPS
80Vessel Operating Economies
81The Work of the Nautical Surveyor
82The Work of Harbour Master
83World Cruising Routes
84World Cruising Handbook

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